Vancouver, Sarah, Melanie and back!

It´s hard coming to an end of such a great time. Especially when the end is highlight-studded. Vancouver is great! And not only because there are snowcovered mountains, whale drifting by, vibrant nightlife, a wonderful yacht harbor, a whole lotta nature. It´s not only because of Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams and Bill Clinton at “Voices in the Park”. It´s because of the people! People like Melanie Dekker, the wonderful canadian Artist, who showed us how real hospitality works! Thanks for your dedication and energie and for making us fall in love with Vancouver.

By the way, we opened for Melanie, met Richard from The Boom Booms and of course went to Sarah´s Fundraising-Festival, where Nadine managed it again to meet her biggest Idol backstage. Even better, Sarah remembered her from their meeting one year ago and Nadine could enjoy the complete festival from behind the curtain.

After we took the ferry to Vancouver Island, we opened the second time for Melanie in Duncan, drove to Tofino, the obviously most beautiful beachplace in Canada, spent two relaxing days there and finally went to Seattle and back to Germany.

So what is left to say. 4 weeks traveling from the mexican border to Vancouver Island, crossed 2 country- and 6 stateborders, needed 2 cars, played 12 gigs, drove about 4000 miles, met wonderful people and will do this again, actually now!


San Francisco-Portland-Vancouver – Easy Going – No Internet access

When the Fog came it was a kind of scary but incredible! And so the whole trip from San Francisco to Portland was. We stayed a night in Crescent City, stood beneath the highest trees on earth (up to 120m) and moved on to Portland the other day. Portland is a nice city with a cool nightlife and several bars. We played a funny gig and met the wonderful Brianne Kathleen who opened for us!!! and brought all the people in! Thanks and we´ll met in Germany. The next day on the road again, heading to the canadian border. When we arrived in Harrison Hot Springs, there are no words to describe the calm and beauty of this place. We met Tim, who made his dream come true, opening a live-venue at this piece of land and we met the admirable Jo and Craig from Diamond Dust, living their dream come true with an old mobile home and beeing on the road for … ever!? We learned that bacon is good for a hangover and nipely is a word that means what it sounds like. And of course we met Dakota, who booked 4 shows for us. She is a great person, living her life on a motorcycle … almost. So everything was easy going and without internet acces. We were sad to leave this place and to drive to Vancouver but there were even better things to come. stay tuned.

Three days San Francisco & one emergency gig

We did three days sightseeing and had a lot of fun! Taking the cable cars is great. The drivers make old fashioned jokes and you really feel like riding from one part of town to another. But most of the time we went by feed and that is the best way exploring this really nice city. We walked along the summer of love where you should wear a flower in your hair and we were crawling up the hills. San Francisco is much more ordinary in a very positiv meaning than LA, less wannabes but more punks, normal, relaxed and pleasant people and of course naked guys running through the streets. That on the other hand makes it less ordinary but more fun! Anyway this city impressed us a lot and so we thought it might be sad doing an ordinary gig on our last evening in San Francisco. Guess what: Wrong thought! Brainwash Cafe, our venue, is a quite small but famous venue. Its a laundromatcafe with a small stage and they have live music everynight. What we didn´t know was that there is nobody in charge for the PA. So they have two speakers, a very oldfashioned mixer with different kind of cords that don´t fit to the speakers and the mixer. And the band has to set up the PA by itself. But as every dog has its day there were two technical talented guys in the audience that helped us to set up the PA. (Thanks to David and the unknown guy!). Since the venues cords didn´t work, we had to use some of our own to run the system. But anyway we played our emergency set and had the pleasure to meet some guys who already saw us three days ago in Hayward. Thank you for coming to see us again! We had a lot of fun and: it is only the hard school of rock´n roll but we like it. And in the end we still had a little bad luck when our camera quit working because of run-down battery so we couldn´t take pictures of the gig. But however: San Francisco rocks!

Big Sur & First Day San Francisco

Back from the desert, reaching the most beautiful costal highway of the westcoast. 150 miles white beaches, steep cliffs and small villages mean two days off … everything. And so did our car, it ran out off oil and we had to change it in Monterey. With a new and even better one (thanks to the american service) we came to San Francisco and loved it right from the beginning. Super nice city and our first gig here was as it should be! Nice venue, nice bands, great audience, good show and nice hangover … By the way, how the hell can you stay healthy and good-looking in this country?! Prices for food except any kind and size of chips, cola, cake, burger and other gorgeous stuff are shocking! I never thought i would say this someday: I want vegetables and salat with a piece of black bread and goudacheese. Shit, we´re getting fatter and fatter!

Bright light city gonna set my soul…

Desert, terribly hot, desert, hotter, desert, broiling … and than: Las Vegas! you saw it a thousand times in movies and on pictures but in real it´s stunning! Fun, Obsession, Waste, Entertainment, Misery and of course Money, Money, Money! It´s an lifetime expirience. And so is the terrific Grand Canyon. It was a 16 hour bus ride but it was defenitly worthwhile. Although we got up to late because each of us set the wrong time and day on the alarmclock and so we had to spent a lot of money on the phone to reach the bus after all. Anyway it worked and after bathroom, burger, bathroom, burger, bathroom, desertburger we reached a wonder of the world! There is nothing better to say about the Grand Canyon…

SAN DIEGO (preparing for Vegas)

San Diego. What to say about this town, 6miles close to the mexican border?! nobody on the streets, nobody at the harbour, almost nobody nowhere. Quit a sleepy town until you come to the beaches! Surfing, fishing, chilling, smoking. We enjoyed the sunset and THE BEST BURGER IN TOWN at HODADS. And while hanging around we cancelled the gig, because there was no PA, no mikrofons and no owner of the pub. Somehow everybody seems to disapear in San Diego or maybe in Tijuana. So we did.

Heading to Las Vegas tomorrow.

WITZEND – Los Angeles – Venice /w Marina V & Makepeacebrothers

Wednesday, 5th day of the tour: First we tried to deal with the mexican food we had the evening before. Second we did bodysurfing at Redondo-Beach. Big Fun, swallowed a lot of pacific and killed a few poor fishes. And third … Hey we had a great evening at Venice Beach. A location made for Songwriter performances with entertaining Jeb and a warm, familiar and living-room-like atmosphere. We played with Marina V, a fantastic russian-american singer/songwriter and listened to the Makepeacebrothers, a singer/songwriter circle from LA havening incredible multi-voice arrangements. A perfect end for 5 days Los Angeles! Tomorrow we are off to San Diego. Maybe using our skills in bodysurfing.